Processing, filling and packaging equipment

We offer our clients the latest developments in the field of food processing, filling and packaging equipment


Equipment for processing

Modern technological equipment, that is used for processing the walnut, peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds will be maximally quickly and qualitatively, in the shortest possible time and with minimum waste production. With all the taste and aromatic characteristics of processed product will be saved.

Equipment for processing products


Equipment for filling and packaging

Modern technological equipment for filling and packaging of finished products (cereals, sugar, coffee, nuts, dry mixes, pastry and pasta, seeds, ginger bread, seeds, candy, jelly beans, cereals, tea, crackers, peanuts, chips, frozen dumplings, frozen vegetables and fruits coarsely dispersive powders and other types of food) in a wide range of packages.

Equipment for filling and packaging


Conveyors, belt conveyors, bulkhead tables

Products spray equipment into the tube filling and packing machine, as well as a selection of finished products in packages and transport to storage sites.

Conveyors, belt conveyors, bulkhead tables

Design and development of customized solutions

Our company will develop a fully turnkey solution for your business. From processing to its packaging, packaging and transport to the place of storage


Our company is a high level of quality in the production of packaging and food processing equipment. SPE “Service Pak” has its material base, modern technological capabilities and Design Bureau, that allows to solve challenges in designing and manufacturing professional to develop and introduce new and modern progressive technologies.

We are happy to develop a solution for your business.

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