Automatic transfer line on packing and packing to the products

Productivity: to 2700 packing/hour.
Packing type: stand-up package, package to the type “pillow” (euro package).
Product: any friable product; walnut, pepper-pea, pips, rusks, chips, drop, fertilizers (friable), dry feed for animals, groats, sugar, salt, soda, coffee in grains, tea, kidney bean, peas and other similar foods.


Pneumatic vertical packing-packing automat (further is an automat) intended for packing and packing of friable, poorly dust foods in polymeric packages. An automat is completed pneumatic “Camozzi” (Italy). An equipment is worked out and made on own productive powers “SPE “Service Pak”. The offered automat packages and packs foods in a gravimetric range from 25 to 1000 gramm. CU offers to a metering device the operator of machine 16 gravimetric programs on every metering device, here an operator can set necessary parameters of dosage.
Length of package is regulated to the photo by a mark or proposed motion of the width of package changes replacement of forming knot. An automat is in base it is supplied acquisition with a forming knot under the package set by a customer. Additional forming knots are made on demand. Replacement of tubus occupies no more than 15 minutes. Substituting of numbers by datator occupies not more than 5 minutes. The temperature of seal knives is regulated by electronic CU and supported automatically. At will of customer a date can be completed by a torus – marking of other type (drop and stream or matrix). The productivity of automat depends on the dose of product, type of metering device and amount metering devices.
One gravimetric metering device gives 10-12 packing/mines, depending on the dose of product. In acquisition of automat can enter from 1 to 4 electronic – gravimetric metering devices. Also can be set volume or screw (for dust foods) metering devices.

Technical descriptions

Productivity, packing/minutefrom 10 to 45 (600-2700 packing/hour)
Range of dosage, gramfrom 25 to 1000
Exactness of dosage, gram+/- 1gram. or on state standart on a product
Parameters of the electric system of220V/50Hz
Nominal power, kW1,4 – 2,5

Acquisition of line

A line becomes complete, at will of customer, one of automats:

  • Automat FАКТ-V1/V2/V3/V4*;
  • Automat FАКТ-О3/О6**;
  • Automat FАКТ-Sh1/Sh2;
  • Automat FАТТ-V1/V2/V3/V4*;
  • Automat FАТТ-О3/О6**;
  • Automat of FАТТ-Sh1/Sh2.
  • Loading conveyer;
  • Taking conveyer.

* Amount of metering devices
** Amount of glasses
*** A compressor for connecting of pneumatic system automat in a complete set is not included. Recommendable parameters of compressor: the productivity – 350l/minute; volume receiver are 200 l; pressure is 8 barins.