Chamber packing machine of "МТU-Мini"

A chamber packing machine is intended for individual and group packing of wares (video cassettes, pastry, polydiene and other products) in termoshrink tape. Principle of action : good is placed on a packing dinner-wagon in exposed by a divizor ” semi-sleeve” of termoshrink tape, after together with tape good moves in a packing chamber, where soldering and shrink of tape is by the method of blowing hot air.

Productivity: to 8 packing/minute.

Technical descriptions

Parameters of network, V/Hz220/50
Watts-in, kW0,75
Sizes of packing chamber, mm320 х 230 х 130
Duration of packing cycle, sec5 – 15
Max. a temperature in a chamber, from °С240
Length, mm800
Width, mm500
Height, mm320
Mass, kg30