Company LTD “SPE “Service Pak” was founded by a team of professionals, as an engineering company that developed and complementary directions.

SPE “Service Pack” has a long successful history has deservedly gained a positive reputation due to high level of quality and service in the field of packaging and food processing equipment. SPE “Service Pak” has its material base with modern technological capabilities and design office. This allows us to meet the challenges in designing and manufacturing, professionally develop and apply new modern advanced technologies to expand and modernize our equipment, we positively cooperate with domestic and foreign companies to achieve the best results.

SPE “Service Pack” is primarily focused on the client and to be a reliable, competitive and competent partner. The full potential of the company is focused on the implementation of the real needs of the customer, we offer our clients the latest technologies in food processing and packaging equipment, undertake obligations on warranty and after-warranty service, providing a complete service.

Today’s positive growth of the company is the result of continuous improvement in technologies, competent organization of production and compliance with high quality concept, allowing fully met the requirements of the clients.

SPE “Service Pak” develops, produces and offers

  • Calibration Lines, splitting, sorting and processing with the subsequent packing of walnut;
  • Calibration Lines, splitting and processing with the subsequent packing hazelnuts;
  • Line clearance debris and impurities, calibration, peeling of sunflower seeds;
  • Line on grinding/polishing, roasting, cooling with subsequent packing peanuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, pistachios;
  • Calibration Lines, flaking and roasting, crushing peanuts with the subsequent packing;
  • Manufacturing Line (bad) dietary supplements;
  • Automatic packaging lines products, packaging machines, sealers, pneumatic machines for manufacturing of floral packaging;
  • Automatic and semi-automatic lines for pellets in polymeric bags from 10 to 15 kg;
  • Packaging dispensers pellets in bags;
  • Dispensers electron-weighing, volumetric screw;
  • Lines for packaging and packaging of powdery and dusty with conveyor system;
  • Feed and outfeed conveyor system, screw elevators, vibrating feeder;
  • Line for group and individual packing in shrink film;
  • Vacuum moulding Line for packing of goods and production of blister packing, packaging and products of polymer materials;
  • Production line of cereals;
  • Production line of oat flakes;
  • Machine grinding grain;
  • Mixers foods with ingredients;
  • Disintegrators for finely grinding and mixing dispersion products;
  • Grinding-cutting machines for foods with dosing feeders (faction received product from 2 mm or more);
  • Rollers for flattening or crushing grain crops;
  • Machines for husking oats;
  • Pneumatic-vibrate-separator for cleaning of grain and oil crops;
  • Sifters and calibrators for separation into fractions of agricultural products crops;
  • Dry-roasting with dosing feeders product;
  • Mixers for loose and powdery products;
  • Shakers, calibration machine;
  • Nutcrackers;
  • Sunwlower seeddehulling machines.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!