Complex for peeling sunflower kernels (huller) "MLS-800"

Productivity: 350-500 kg/h.
Product: sunflower seeds.


“MLS” refers to the equipment on processing of sunflower seeds and intended to exfoliate and separation kernels seeds from husk. Machine is a continuous module, that is able to run in a continuous loop and provide capacity up to 500 kg/h. After calibration shelled seeds pass through aspiration, where the seeds are separated from husks. “MLS” consists of shelling of the drum, the calibration screen and aspiration.

Technical descriptions

Producer raw materials *, kg/h350 – 500
Destruction Factor, %> 80 – 95
КCircular centrifugal rotor speed, m/s22; 30 and 42
Sieve frequency of oscillation, min-1370
Amplitude of oscillation sieves, mm0-30
Screen area, m24,2
Number of selected fractions5
Kernel integrity, %70
Power of power supply, kW6,6
Motor power(380В, 50Гц)
Dimensions, mm:
Weight, kg496
Number of attendants, person1

* Performance depends on the number of Rotary drums.