Cooling Chamber "OU-100"

Productivity: up to 120 kg/h.
Product: seeds, coffee beans, nuts.


Drum-type cooler is designed to cool the seeds, coffee beans, nuts and other similar products after coming out of the oven. Machine is model pass type, i.e. can operate in continuous mode and can be used in automatic lines giving capacity up to 120 kg/h.
Additional cooler product cooling process removes dust and minor weed particles from the product flow, allowing you to get as a result of the pure product. The intensity and time finding product in the cooler can be adjusted by using frequency converter motor speed.
The equipment consists of a drum type continuous and centrifugal fans.

Technical descriptions

Characteristic Value
Productivity, kg/hour 120
Power consumption, kW 1
Supply voltage, V/Hz 380/50
Overall dimensions LxWxH 3100 х 800 х 1065