Crushing and cutting device (disk Crusher) “DRU-150”

Productivity: дup to 150 kg/h.
Product: peanuts, various kinds of nuts.


Дробленный орехCrushing and cutting (disc chipper) machine feeding dosing feeder and adjustment of fractions obtained the original product, is designed for crushing foodstuff into different fractions of 1 mm or more, with the lowest percentage of screenings. Crushing and cutting machine is used in the confectionery industry, mainly for crushing the peanut kernels, hazelnut, walnut, cashew and similar products.
Size by turning the changer, which is located at the rear of the machine.
The adjustment of a given faction can produce even while the machine is running.
Дроюленный орехCrushing can be delivered fitted to the machine it is recommended to use complete with vibrating sieves caliber, with two or three specified size fractions (example 1 mm.; 3 mm.; 5 mm.;) It will greatly facilitate the product separation into fractions by car, you can set the frequency knob which can increase productivity and allow you to work the equipment from the power 220 W. By request of the customer the machine can put node aspiration with cyclone to remove the husk , impurities.

Technical descriptions

Productivity, kg/h to150
Nominal power, kW0,55
Voltage, V/Hz380/50
Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm720х250х1250