Disintegrator is designed to subtly dispersion grinding solids and materials (10-250 mkm) source large particles up to 5 units on the Mohs scale (cereals, sugar, mineral materials, etc.) with different specified large grinding (10-250 mkm), and can also be used for the industrial preparation of various special mixes.
A significant advantage of two companies “dezintegratora” scheme (before one disk hammer and other shredders and crushers) is the absence of design and self-cleaning effect Reshet milling bodies, especially when wet grinding of materials prone to buildup.
Powders, obtained by using this dezintegratora are characterized by high rheological activity uniform grain structure, fragmentation form particles.
Dezintegratora scope: production of building materials, fodder components production, chemical industry, processing of coal. Disintegrator is applicable for grinding sand, rubble sift, chalk, limestone, salt, fillers, polymers, coal, grain, etc.

Technical descriptions

Productivity, kg/h to300
Motor power, kW11
Overall dimensions, mm680 х 725 х 680
Weight, kg290
Grinding (adjustable)from 0.01 mkp to 3.5 mm