Drying chamber “KS-01”


The equipment is intended for convective drying as the kernel and walnut, hazelnut and other products, which are drying at low temperatures (40-60 degrees). Drying time varies from 1 to 4 hours (depends on the type of product and the desired humidity). The product is fed into the chamber on a trolley with trays. Low power consumption of the system is achieved due to the special design of the heating elements and the availability of recovery systems, total 4.5 kW. The volume of disposable load 180-260 kg.

Technical descriptions

Number of trays26
Area of trays,m20.7
Maximum load the tray
of walnuts kernel up to, kg10
of whole hazelnut up to, kg7
power consumption
fan, kW0.55
heater, kW4,5
Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm2500х1400х1100
Weight, kg450