Gravimetric metering device

A gravimetric metering device is intended for the exact dosage of friable, granular, small piece commodities and foods, such as tea, cakes, rusks, chips, nuts, frozen foods, pastas, groats, sugar, mixed fodders, building mixtures, detergents, seed of vegetables, pellets, wiffets, buttons, paper clips in the prepared container. A gravimetric metering device is placed on metallic framework and plugs in itself a brook dosages of product (commodity), consisting of general receiving unker-store with by the vibrotray of serve, gravimetric terminal of rough and exact dosage, CHOU with a block managements by a gravimetric metering device, with a microprocessor comptroller intended for a management by intensity and time of work of vibrator gravimetric metering device of lever type.

Technical description

Class of exactness of gravimetric device0,25%
Limits of dosage, gram25 – 2000
Limits of dosage, gram2000 – 5000
Discreteness of counting out of weight, gram1
Productivity of a 1 brook of dosage in a minute
(depending on mass of dose and friableness of product)
3 – 14
Amount of brooks of dosage1 – 6