Line for cleaning the nut from the pericarp “WPL-01”

Complex of equipment “WPL-01” allows clear Walnut from the pericarp (Peel green), rinsed and peeled walnut. Separated pericarp is derived from the machine. After the separation of hull and rinsing drain nut.

Technical descriptions

Characteristic Value
Productivity, kg/h 1000 – 1500
Network settings e. power supply, V/Hz 380/50
Power consumption, kW 1,5
Water consumption, l/h to 200
Consumption, l/h up to 200 dimensions (LxWxH) 6250 х 1300 х 2150
Weight, kg 800

* Optionally available machine under mains 220V, 50 Hz

Description and working principle

Walnut in the Peel (Peel green) fall asleep in the feed hopper conveyor, through which it is sent to the receiving funnel machines for cleaning and washing of walnut. In the car going cleaning and rinsing the nut within 15-20 minutes. Separated from walnut and softened the pericarp, together with the waste water is sent to collections. After processing the nut within a certain time, you must open the output valve clean machine to check nut. After complete cleaning of nut-valve open and the product gets out on transporters, which checks the quality of cleaning nut and cull the husk nut. Peeled Walnut on the tray goes in a crate or other transporter receiving container.