No Image Service Pack

Possibilities: to 100 kg/hour.
Packing type: package of guy sutures of type “pillow”.
Product: corn stick.


A line is intended for making of corn stick by the extrusion of groats (corn, wheat, rice, buckwheat) and her further processing. Line provides the complete cycle of processing of product at minimum interference man.

Acquisition of line

  • Extruder for making of corn stick of “ОShЕ-80”;
  • Pneumatic conveyer of “UP-100-2”;
  • Tunnel drazhirator “ТD-100”;
  • Conveyer of “ТP-1” or “ТК-2”;
  • Packing-packing automat (“FАКТ-В2” or “FАТТ-V3”);
  • Solder machine-tools for making of sacks and soldering of packages;
  • Taking conveyer of “ТО-1”.