Semi-automatic device with an electronic-gravimetric metering device “PА15”

Productivity: 2 – 8 packing/minute (depending on the dose of product).

A line for packing of pellet is:

conveyer loading scoop “ТК-1” with nutritious that automatically included and turned off depending on filling the receiving loading bunkers of automat or semi-automatic device, preliminary provided with a capacity by sensors. Also a knot is additionally set in nutritious of conveyer aspirations for moving away of dust and shallow particles from the packed product.

poluavtomaticheskaya-liniya-oborudovanie-dlya-upakovki-pellet-cherchenieA packing semi-automatic device is intended for filling of the prepared package of pellets by mass 15-25 kg and subsequent soldering of package. A semi-automatic device is completed specially worked out under large weight of dose by an electronic-gravimetric metering device and by a two-sided knot for soldering of package. Temperature of seal knives semi-automatic device set and regulated by means of universal microprocessor PID-regulator of temperature, exactness of dose also provided by means of digital programm controller and high-quality tenzo-sensing element of the German firm “NVM”. For work with a packing semi-automatic device there is one enough train worker.

ypakovka-pelletSolder machine-tool is intended for the bag-making of the set sizes from polymeric linen (semi-sleeves) winded in a roll. Further on pack up-packing semi-automatic device there is packing with the subsequent soldering ready package on a packing semi-automatic device.

Technical descriptions:

Productivity, packing/minute2 – 8
Nominal mass of packing, kg3, 5, 10, 15, 25
Tension of feed, V/Hz220/50
Watts-in, kW1
Mass of machine, kg150