Line on processing of filbert of "АLF-120"

Productivity: to 120 kg/of hour.
Packing type: package of guy-sutures of type pillow or stand-up.
Product: filbert.


A line is a complex intended for cleaning and further processing of filbert. Depending on acquisition maybe as bringing different taste additions (salt, spices) with the subsequent packing so cutting on factions (2-5 mm) for the use in pastry industry.

Acquisition of line

  • Wedge of nuts “МКF-02” or machine for the dissidence of filbert of “ОD-1”
  • Machine for decorticating of peanut of “VShМК–01”;
  • Stove (“PCh-60”, “PCh-90/120”);
  • Machine vacuum vestibule;
  • Conveyer scoop “ТК-1”;
  • Automat for packing and packing of products (“FАКТ-В2” or “FАТТ-V3”);
  • Taking conveyer of “ТО-1”;
  • Crush-cutting device of “DRU-150”;
  • Drazhirator for bringing of additions (Drum for bringing of additions of “SМ-1” or
    tunnel drazhirator “ТD-100”).