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Productivity: to 120 kg/of hour.
Packing type: three package of guy-sutures, package of type pillow/stand-up.
Product: peanut.


A line is a complex that is intended for cleaning and further processing of kernels of peanut. Depending on acquisition maybe as bringing of different taste additions, salt, spices with the subsequent packing so cutting on faction (2-5mm) for the use in pastry industry.

Acquisition of line

  • Machine for decorticating of peanut of “ВShMK – 01”;
  • Stove (“PCh-60”, “PCh-90/120”);
  • Conveyer scoop “ТК-1”;
  • Packing-packing automat (“FАSТ-В2” or “FАТТ-V3”);
  • Taking conveyer of “ТО-1”;
  • Crush-cutting device of “DRU-150”;
  • Drazhirator for bringing of additions (Drum for bringing of additions of “SМ-1” or
    tunnel drazhirator “ТD-100”).