Machine for grinding seeds “MShS-150”

Productivity: up to 150 kg/h.
Product: sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


Machine for grinding seeds is a drum and is intended for removal of pile from the husks of the seeds.
The need for grinding is caused by the fact that a fleecy layer on the surface of the seed husks “Burns” when frying and subsequently to become dirty the hands of the consumer. While working, the machine removes lint from seed and displays it in the form of dust outside the machine. Polished the seeds after roasting does not stain hands and has a more aesthetic appearance. Machine periodic action, to work with the machine operator is needed. Drum rotational speed is regulated by a frequency converter. In the basic version of the machine casing is made of black metal and painted.
Machine “MShS-120” consists of cumulative hopper, grinding drum and aspiration.

Technical descriptions

One-time download product, kg100-150
Product loop, m30-60
Nominal power, kW4,4
Power supply, V/Hz380, 50
Overall dimensions, mm2000х1300х1560
Weight, kg370
The number of attendants, person1