A machine polishing grain-growing МSh- 600 (TU U 19494298.001 -96) is intended for mechanical moving away from the surface of grain of shells, partly алейронового layer and embryos in mixed fodder industry, before a grade on a flour and production of the not shredded (whole) groats : by a wheat type ” Poltava”, pearl, millet, peas of and other.
Machine polishing is a collapsible construction consisting of weld-fabricated frame on that a vertical hollow billow is set with an abrasive by circles round them with a gap a sieve cylinder is envisaged.
Grain from a bunker enters circular gap between abrasive circles and sieve by a cylinder where moving on a spiral line from top to bottom to the output bunker exposed to the intensive friction at the surface of cylinder and abrasive circles and also inter se. Thus there is a separation of floral tape and shell, i.e. polishing. The degree of polishing of grain is regulated by the shutter of prop.

Technical descriptions

Productivity at polishing of grain-growing, kg/hour to500
Productivity at polishing of leguminous, kg/hour to1200
Power of electromechanic, kW15 (380V, 50Hz)
Abrasive circlesbrand of PP
Necessary air-exhauster ofВР-287-46.1-2,5
Sizes, mm1260x680x2075
Weight, kg490