A machine vacuums chamber "VUМ - 03"

A machine vacuums chamber “VUМ – 03” intended for a vacuum packing food foods: meat, fish, carcass of bird, cheese, grains of coffee, kernel of walnut, peanut, filbert and other food foods and commodities in a large package to 480 х 650. Due to that in a package an oxidant is absent oxygen, allows to prolong expiration of products date in several times ordinary.

Technical descriptions

Internal sizes of chamber, mm500 х 700
Production vacuum pump, m/hour30
Length of solder knife, mm500
Duration of packing cycle, sec15 ÷ 30
Parameters of network of electric feeds, V/Hz380/50
Watts-in, kW1,2
Sizes of chamber
Length, mm700
Width, mm600
Height, mm200
Overall dimensions of machine
Length, mm650
Width, mm700
Height, mm1050