A machine vacuums tubeless “МVB – 02”

A machine vacuums tubeless “МVB-03” intended for a vacuum packing food foods: meat, cheeses, fish, carcass of bird, vegetables, fruit, grains of coffee, kernel walnut, peanut, filbert and other food foods and commodities. This machine is universal, because can for one cycle can produce one are two large packing. Width of a large vacuum package can be 300 – 450 mm, that allows to produce packing one or at once a few large size commodities.
It is needed especially to mark that height of the packed large size product (head of cheese, carcass of large bird) on this machine does not create to you problems at to packing, while on a chamber machine you will not be able to pack a product, that exceeds the sizes of a vacuum chamber. Machine of “МVB-03” cross-bar of double guy-sutures of soldering of package is equipped, that considerably increases packing reliability. “МVB-03” very easy-to-use, because corner of work of her receiving table and welding knives changes from horizontal to vertical position, that it is a very important factor for work of operator of machine.
Machine of “МVB-03” is completed a vacuum-gauge, and an operator can propose vacuum in packing, that needs him. It most acceptable during work with by such foods as curd and cheese mass, an operator proposes such vacuum, that will not destroy the form of product in packing.
“МVB-03” simple in exploitation and the operator of machine is enough to become familiar with by an user’s guide and it is possible to proceed to work.

Technical descriptions

Productivity, packing/minute2-6
Length of welding sponges, mm450
Quickness of action of pump “NVР-16D”
in the range of pressures on an entrance
from atmospheric to 0.13 cpa (1 millimetre of mercury column), l/sec
5 (+/- 0,55)
Watts-in (max), kW0,95
Tension of feed-in network, V/Hz380/50
Length, mm760
Width, mm450
Height, mm1100
Corner of turn of workmount about transverse axis from 0 to 90 degrees are regulated in limits with a step15 degrees