One drive disintegrator of "DZ-300"

Productivity: to 300 kg/hour.
Product: soy, soy-bean pomace, husk of millet, husk of pips of sunflower, sesame, peanut, shell of walnut, dry feed for animals, groats, coffee in grains, kidney bean, peas and other similar foods.


Crusher an one drive (disintegrator) with an anti-current impeller intended for growing of wide list of materials shallow by hardness to 7 units on the scale of Mohs. Use of rotors-baskets of new construction, and also the optimized terms shock contact with the particles of the ground down material allows considerably to increase the terms of maintenance-free exploitation of complex.
Also due to the novelty of the used form and location of crack-bil together grind power rises with the increase of resource of rotors-baskets crusher and nomenclature of the processed materials.
A complex can be also drawn on for grinding of dry building mixtures, slag, limestone, lime, cement, coal, wood wastes, straw, swept etc. The degree of growing shallow is regulated by the amount of crack-bil on a rotor and basket. The complex of grade of ДЗ- 300 consists of crusher of anti-current type set on a frame and receiving vibrate bunker-nourish. A complex can be equipped by the cyclone system of division of mixture. Depending on the type of the processed raw material a complex can be executed in execution from non-corrodible steel.

Technical descriptions

Power supply, V/Hz380/50
Watts-in, kW/hour3/5,5
Frequency of rotation of rotor, turn/minute3000
Length /Width /Height (no more), mm1130/565/565
Mass (no more), kg85
Productivity (max.)*, kg/hour to300
Volume of story bunker, l50
Grind power, mkm to80

Guarantee on a machine 18 months

Additional acquisition

  • Receiving vibrate bunker-nourish;
  • Cyclone;
  • Pipeline for pneumatic transport.