Packing automat of coach type (FАКТ-V) with by a gravimetric metering device

Productivity: 5500 – 2000 packing/hour.
Packing type: stand-up package, a package of type “pillow”.
Product: any friable product; pastas, walnut, pepper-pea, pips, rusks, chips, drop, fertilizers (friable), dry feed for animals, groats, sugar, salt, soda, coffee in grains, tea, kidney bean, peas and all similar foods.


Apeak the packing machine of FАКТ-V attributes to the packing equipment for packing and packing of friable foods in the package of guy-sutures of type “pillow”. The machine of FАКТ-V consists of pneumatic packing automat and electronic gravimetric metering device. In the pneumatic packing automat of shoe tree of the horizontal soldering located on a movable carriage. A carriage during welding stretches out tape on length equal to length of package. Thus a knot of welding of tape is at the same time by the knot of reaching. At welding of horizontal guy-sutures inflicted data 1 on the prepared packing. The electronic gravimetric metering device of В2 is manned two electronic-gravimetric by metering devices, what the productivity allows to provide to 35 packing/minute.

1 Number change an operator at the beginning of working day. Numbers are supplied in complete set.
2 Metering Device can be manned by a 1/2/3/4-linear gravimetric metering device. One a linear metering device gives out from 8 to 10 doses/minute depending on weight and properties to the batching products.

Technical descriptions

Power supply, V/Hz380/50
Consumption of electric power, kW/hour1,5
Pneumatic nutrition**, atm./l/minute6/250
Length /Width/Height (no more), mm1400/1000/3000
Mass (no more), kg360
Width/Diameter of roll of tape (max.), mm420/400
Productivity (max.) *, packing/hour500-2000
Volume of story bunker, l70
Range of dose, g20 – 1000 (to 2000 – under an order)
Packing (max.) length, mm300

* The productivity depends on weight and properties of batching products, length packing and properties of packing material.
** For providing of functioning of pneumatic bringing of this packing machine the presence of compressor is needed.

  • A machine is completed details for one width of package;
  • A compressor in a complete set is not included;
  • Numbers are supplied in a complete set;
  • Guarantee on a machine 18 months.

Additional equipment

  • Giving conveyer;
  • Taking conveyer;
  • Story table.

Additional acquisition

  • Shooks for the change of width of package;
  • Knot of stand-up packet (flat bottom) assembly;
  • Device for creation of opening in the horizontal guy-sutures of package.