Semi-automatic device for packing in valvular sacks "SVb-01"

A semi-automatic device is intended for packing of friable foods in valvular sacks (paper or polyethylene) with the hand setting and removal of container. A bunker for a product and system of taking of air in base acquisition are not included, but their making is possible separately. Special construction of the loading union coupling allows to use the unperforated paper sacks and polyethylene valvular sacks.

Description and principle of work

A valvular sack by hand is put on the loading union coupling, whereupon sack fixed by a clamp and a dosage (2 stages is the rough filing up for achievements of exactness) begins. Air and admixtures of dust from a sack take away the system aspirations. After the achievement of set value of mass of product there is a valve of serve product recovered and a clamp releases a sack. The filled sack is taken off by an operator by hand.

Technical description

Productivity, ton\hour3
Parameters of network of electric feeds of220V, 50Hz
A type of container isSack valvular
Mass of sack with a product, kg10-25
An indication of mass is theAll-digital display
Exactness of dosage, g±200
Pressure is in pneumatic system, bar4-6
Expense of air, l/minute200
Principle of serve of product of pneumatic serve
Overall sizes LxWxH, mm1450x530x2450
Mass, kg250