Solder machine-tools of PS-750, PS-350, PS-1000

Solder machine-tools are intended:

  • for a bag-making for colors, bag-making from a polypropylene under flowers – (PS – 750);
  • for making and soldering of packages and sacks from a polyethylene with length of guy-sutures to 300 mm and to 1000 mm.

Solder machine-tool is additionally completed the mechanical trimming and dater.

Technical descriptions

Length of guy-sutures, mm400÷7503501000
Parameters of network of electric feeds(220V±10%)-50Hz
Set power, kW0,4
Overall dimensions, mm1100 х 600 х 600300 х 480 х 1100
Productivity, packing\minuteMechanic: (20÷ 25)
Pneumatic: (50÷56)
to 20
Width of roll, mm50÷500