Three brook switching sort table "SP3"

Product: walnut, filbert, seed of sunflower, peanut and other types similar foods.
Workplaces: from 6.


One level, three-brook conveyer (sort table) of any size from 2 to 5 meters long and breadthways from 500mm to 900mm. Sort conveyers are equipped by the white reinforced food ribbon (on to the desire of customer ribbon can be decolorized) on that well evidently quality of initial product, his defects and differences of colour range. Also they equipped by a frequency regulator, that allows to regulate speed of ribbon. On framework of conveyer dividing slats that divide are set ribbon along on three parts. At the end of conveyer each of streams gets in separate prepared receiving container.

Conveyers, sort-switching have regulation:

  • regulation by the microprocessor digital timer of speed of serve product;
  • mechanical regulation of thickness of layer of product given on locomotive ribbon;
  • a frequency transformer is regulative the rate of movement conveyer ribbons.

Technical descriptions

Watts-in, kW0,8
Tension of feed, V380/220