Vacuum packing automat of “VАF-V2”


A vacuum packing automat of VАF-V2 behaves to the packing-packing to the equipment for packing and packing of friable foods in the package of guy-sutures of type “pillow” with an additional knot for vacuumizing. A modern packing equipment is equipped by the system of creation of vacuum. She is needed for prevention of spoilage of product, creations comfort environments of storage and aesthetically beautifulness of package. The machine of VАF-V2 consists of pneumomassage packing automat and two by electronic-gravimetric metering devices. In the pneumomassage packing-packing automat of shoe tree horizontal soldering is located on an immobile carriage. Extent of tape takes place therefore by a separate knot by means of rollers. Two the linear gravimetric metering device of В2 is manned two electronic-gravimetric by metering devices.

Possibilities: to 20 packing/minute.
Packing type: «pillow».
Product: coffee in grains, tea, a friable product; groats, different types of nuts, pepper-pea, pips, sugar, salt, soda, kidney bean, peas and other similar foods.

Technical descriptions

Productivity (max.) *, of packing/mines to20
Range of dose, g200 – 1000
Volume of story bunker, l70
Consumption of electric power, kW/hour3,5
Pneumatic nutrition**, atm./l/min6/300
Power supply, V/Hz380/50
Width/Diameter of roll of tape (max.), mm420/400
Length, mm1300
Width, mm1000
Height, mm2600
Mass (no more), kg420

* The productivity depends on length of packing.
** For providing of functioning of preumatic nutrition of this packing machine the presence “of compressor” (it is supplied separately) is needed.

  • A machine is completed details for one width of package;
  • A compressor in a complete set is not included;
  • Numbers are supplied in a complete set;
  • Guarantee on a machine 18 months.