Vibrating screen horizontal “VS-05”

Shakers are designed for the separation of shattered into fractions and subsequent Walnut Office shells made of each fraction of the product. The variants of execution are possible machine with hopper and feeder or without them — for filing by the carrier directly from wedge machines.

Walnut is served on vibration sieve fitted where “disclosed” subject to quality wedge up. Further splitting the kernel’s sieve fraction. The first fraction- nut isn’t opened or wedged less. Coming off the top sieve and is directed to the sorting table or wedge machine. The second, third and fourth faction is a butterfly, quarters and eighths respectively; after the division of the pass in the aspiration of the column, in which shell is separated from the kernel. Aspiration system adapts to the specific size and weight of a nut. Depending on the quality of the nut, the percentage may reach large shell separated targets. The fifth fraction — “nibs” plays from the car to the front of the tray. At the exit of the machine each faction of the kernel and the shell falls into its packaging (boxes or bags).

Technical descriptions

The number of selected fractions5
Number of scavenged fractions3
The productivity of aspiration, kg/h200 / 350 / 500 / 800
Productivity calibration kg/h to350 / 500 / 800 / 1200
Area of sowing, m25,6
Network settings electric power supply, V/Hz380/50
Dimensions LxWxH, mm3900 х 1400 х 2200
Weight, kg300 – 450