Vibrating screen vertical without aspiration

Vibrating screen is designed for sorting nuts or hazelnuts walnuts after his dividing wedge of nuts car. In the base version of the sieve separates the product on no dividing, wholes and grist. This unit is designed as part of the decoration lines on processing a walnut and hazelnut, optionally it is possible to install the hopper with feeder that converts vibrating screen as a separate unit. Sieve machine easily change to its restructuring under a different caliber product. Design of vibrating sieves vibrating and orehokola allows you to combine them into a single complex without auxiliary equipment.

Technical descriptions

Productivity, kg/hour100120150
Network settings electric power supply, V/Hz380,50380,50380,50
Power consumption, kW0,850,850,85
Length, mm152021002450
Width, mm700700700
Height, mm120013001400
Weight, kg150160170

* Optionally available machine under mains 220V, 50 Hz