Walnut for wedging machine "DM-120"

Productivity: 120 kg/h.
Production: walnut, hazelnut and other types of similar products.


This equipment is usually used if, after the preliminary split for processing gets low quality and no corresponding to requirements state standard walnut, colloquially it is called differently: “dolbun”, “greedy”, etc. the machine works in two modes: soft and rough wedge of nuts. Soft wedge of nuts is carried out at a low frequency of revolutions of the rotor and enables you to retrieve the kernel with minimal damage from wedge up nut. Rough wedge end is carried out at high frequency rotor speed and allows you to extract the jammed pieces of the kernel from the shell by knocking out her wall of the drum.

Technical descriptions

Productivity, kg/hour120
Power of electromechanic, kW1,1
Overall dimensions, mm910 х 750 х 2200
Weight, kg140