Walnut processing line "LPO"


Line represents a complex that covers the entire walnut processing cycle, starting with the cleanup from a green hull and ending with the packaging of the kernel.

Depending on the equipment:

  • introduction of various food additives (sugar, spices) with the subsequent packing;
  • cutting kernel on the specified fraction (2-5 mm) for use in confectionery industry;
  • processing of nut shell for application in various industries.

Bundling lines

  • Drum Calibrator “KV-300” or “linear Calibrator KL-1000”;
  • The wedge of nuts “MKO-120″ or the wedge of nuts “MKO-04M”;
  • Calibrating sieve “VS-05”;
  • Sort conveyor for walnut;
  • Walnut ending wedge machine „DM-120“;
  • Machine vacuum chamber;
  • Loading conveyor “TC-1”;
  • Packing and packaging machines (“FAKT-B2” or “FATS-V3”);
  • Transporters “T-1”;
  • Grinding-cutting device “DRU- 150”;
  • ДDrazhirator for introducing additives (Drum to make supplements “SM-1” or carpal tunnel drazhirator “TD-100”).